Metal Spray - Projects

  1. Metal Spray - 1937 Terraplane1937 Terraplane
  2. 1953 Desoto1953 Desoto
  3. 1960 Falcon Bumber1960 Falcon
  4. 65 Corvette Bumper1965 Corvette

Metal Spray

Since its conception Jellybean AutoCrafters has been based on serving the automotive aftermarket industry with the latest & greatest ideas, designs, styles and technology. We have been setting the pace in the industry, with fuel injection conversions, disc brake conversions even where no "kit" is available, fabricating custom body panels, etc. We have taken the next step in our fresh approach to metal work & our "out of the box" type thinking by acquiring a metal spraying machine. This machine elevates the repair and customizing process into the new millennium and enables us to restore pieces of metal while not loosing the original shapes, structure and integrity of the part. It also enables us to fabricate custom pieces that have never been made before.

As many replacement parts are not available and the ones which are can be good "facsimiles" at best, many need a lot of work to be as good as the original part. The metal spray process solves a lot of these types of obstacles in the customizing and restoration world. In many cases we can restore the original as compared to replacing it. By utilizing this process we retain the original metal and bring it back to its original thickness and structural integrity.

The process consists of a thorough cleaning of the affected area, then spraying molten metal onto it and lastly grinding it smooth just like you would a weld. The bond strength of this process is as tough or tougher than the original panel when it was new, all the while not loosing its flexibility. This process is widely used in the aircraft, marine, new vehicle and many other industries but is virtually unheard of in the automobile customizing or restoration industry.

Having said all this, there are still times when replacement panels are needed. Jellybean AutoCrafters prides itself in doing some of the best fabricating & welding in the area. We supply & install replacement panels or fabricate new ones as needed. The Metal Spray process enhances the restoration and customizing process but does not eliminate the need for replacement or fabrication.

Metals we spray are; Bronze, Zinc, mild Steel, stainless Steel and Aluminum. Each depends on the particular repair and material the affected area is made of.

Metal Spray can be used in areas such as filling in bumper bolt holes or rusted areas, restoring emblems or other parts, frenching in headlights, filling in small rusted holes in floorboards, body metal, window channels, etc. The possibilities this procedure opens up are endless, they are limited only by the imagination. Being a metal product with a bond strength as tough as or tougher than the original metal, it can be chrome plated, cadmium plated, ceramic coated, painted, etc.

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