1937 Ford

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1937 Ford Pickup

Ford pickups boast a unique body design with unique lines. This one came to us in reasonable condition so it didn’t need a lot of metal work on the body. The goal is to achieve a 1960’s style hotrod sporting a flathead and an automatic transmission.

The flathead was built by Luke’s Custom Machine and Design in North Vancouver who also balanced it and added triple carbs along with aluminum heads.

Custom fabrication on this on this truck includes tail light stanchions that are hollow to allow the wiring to be hidden inside of them, re-worked lower bedside brackets which curve into the body to give them a finished look, a roll pan and a bumper that compliment each other and removing the spare tire holder and the divot in the running board for the tire creating a clean look. Back in the day trucks never had good fitting panels so time was spent in creating a edge & cleaning up the lines.

The pride and joy of this truck is the firewall. The mandate was to have a clean firewall, painted on both sides so we created an inner firewall that matched the original one and mounted it one inch toward the inside of the cab leaving a gap to hide wiring, ductwork along with the heat and sound insulation. We even re-created the X pattern that the original firewall has so when you look inside the truck you would not know it was double layered. The bonus for the client is that he has the look he was after but also has heat and sound insulation making it a much more comfortable driving truck. By engineering it correctly we were able to build it in such a way that there are no visible fasteners on in the inside or the outside of it keeping it looking completely original.

The client had sourced a lowering kit for the truck but once it was installed it was evident it did not provide the stance he wanted. This allowed us to create a unique rear leaf spring mounting system that would not only lower the truck to the desired height but also look as if it was riveted in. We drilled the side rail of the frame to hold the upper shackle & created a lowering system using some of the supplied parts in keeping with the theme of the build.

The cowl vent was a consideration which worked out well. Ford trucks a have a unique vent that is not easily replicated so we restored it using our metal spray system. Building a new vent system would have taken almost a week but the metal spray enabled us to complete the task in a matter of a day. Although we have 2 premier “old school” metal bashers on staff, there are many times this machine has enabled us to rebuild something in a more cost effective manor.